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In 2007, Prescribing Hope drove two miles down a dusty dirt road in the outskirts of Tecate, Mexico with the hopes of providing quality medical care to a town that had been forgotten. A police escort was provided as two cars full of volunteers and medical supplies entered an area of Mexico known as the “Black Hole.”

The site of what came to be Prescribing Hope’s first clinic was located in Jacume, Mexico. Jacume was known throughout the United States as a forbidden community where drug and human smugglers lived with impunity. The reputation surrounding the small border town had left over 300 women and children without access to medical care which prompted a community leader from Jacume to reach out to Prescribing Hope and ask for help. Prescribing Hope set up a monthly, free medical clinic in Jacume’s community center and for 5 years provided the small town with a consistent source of medical treatment and education.

Over the last year, the Mexican government has not only paved the dirt road that leads to Jacume but it has also built and opened a government ran medical clinic in the town. Because of this, Prescribing Hope has helped the patients transition to the government clinic and is excited to see all of the positive changes that are happening to this small border town.

It has been an amazing journey in Jacume, Mexico and although Prescribing Hope will miss all of our wonderful patients, it is heart warming to see the community progressing to the point where our help is no longer needed.

Our mission: To provide quality, sustainable medical relief for communities whose member's lives are threatened by famine, disease, poverty, neglect, or war.  learn more

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