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Prescribing Hope started it's mission in Jacume Mexico. After opening the Jacume Medical Clinic, Prescribing Hope became well known in Baja California and is continually asked to help communities all over Mexico.

Prescribing Hope builds one home a year for needy families in Mexico, we have helped pour cement and plant trees at elementary schools, participated in community based fundraisers, we donate blankets to orphanages, send supplies to medical clinics in need, and run our free medical and dental clinics in Jacume and El Encinal.

Prescribing Hope has always believed in prevention and makes health education a priority at it's medical clinics

We are always available to run mobile medical clinics or health fairs in any part of Mexico that is in need. If you would like to inquire about Prescribing Hope coming to your community, please e-mail us at

Our mission: To provide quality, sustainable medical relief for communities whose member's lives are threatened by famine, disease, poverty, neglect, or war.  learn more

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