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Start a club on your campus!

Prescribing Hope Clubs give students the opportunity to start and run an organization that will allow them to meet new friends, share your passion for helping others, and learn more about yourself.

Active involvement in clubs looks great on your resume and will help you get into grad school or find a job. Prescribing Hope Clubs have the opportunity to raise money for our cause and to volunteer at medical missions all over the world. As a club, you can be sent on yearly trips to Africa to help fight malaria, or you can send volunteers and supplies to one of our monthly clinics in Mexico. The opportunities are endless and every adventure and mission is exciting.

How do you get a club started?

Contact the student organization association on your campus that approves new clubs and let them know you are interested in starting a club on campus. Get the specific requirement for starting a club on your campus. Then, contact our volunteer coordinator to get the specific requirements of being a Prescribing Hope Club and receive a list of the projects that are up for sponsorship.

**You will have to bring your potential officers to one of our board meetings to present your structure and plans in order to receive approval for starting a Prescribing Hope Club.

Our mission: To provide quality, sustainable medical relief for communities whose member's lives are threatened by famine, disease, poverty, neglect, or war.  learn more

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